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For Artists

  • Being a part of helpfull agency that will take care of your needs is one of the most important for the artist. We are an agency in heart of Europe ( Prague ) that is helping you to achieve your goals.
  • We are specialist on 90s music but we are open to any kind of genre as our partners like a different genre of music. We do work mainly with well known aritst as this is our clients demand.
  • We are here, so artist can create and being creative. We také care of the business the way that would work well for the artist.
  • Because we are helpfull, motivated and passioned we can deliver to artist the best servises. We do not say promises but work on it and try to deliver the best.
  • During our existence we help many artist with gigs & events and this way we recived a respect and trust that is for us the most important. Some of the artist asked us to represent them globaly as they did like the way we work and we do take care of them goods.
  • We are doing a global bussines due to our experience and different way of work.
  • What do we take care of ? Booking for the events, promotion, administration, fee security, local managements, rider fullfill and many other stuff that goes with ookings.
  • For and exclusive artist we prepare a special booking book to be delivered to our exclusive partners, we prepare a special promotion materials on our cost.
  • We try to suply an artist with righ PR & marketing.
  • We can also help you with merchandising. Do you want to do your own T-shirt collection? We have a partners that can produce t-shirts, cds, stickers, posters, webisite and so on. We also work with team of graphics designer that could help us with your campaing. Just let us know what you need.
  • We do help with lounge events for artist new album, singl, video and afterparies.
  • Be the top of the game and we make you top of the game.
  • Suply us with your detail material ( short biography, official videos, videos from your live performance, songs, profesional pictures ) & we will contact you back.
  • Our partners are hungry for talented and well known artist.
  • We give you a suggestion on pricing to be ready to target the market.
  • We are opening you a new DOORS!

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